Our Team

Reventus Power is headquartered in London, UK, with further offices in the US and Germany, and a presence in Portugal and Australia.

Our team is proven in delivering value through the realisation of high-quality offshore wind projects around the world.

Michael van der Heijden

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Hanafin


Damien Fensome

Jack Steven

Cathryn Hooper

Ana Oliveira Dias

Bronagh Byrne

David Pratt

Nadia Panagou

Prasoon Kumar

Romy Abou Farhat

Nazim Osmancik

Filipe Sim-Sim

Chris Durman

Coire Cadeau

Eleanor Ching

James Longmore

Nicholas Yiassoumis

ShanShan Zhang

Sofie Hepworth

Amrit Conway

Raymond Asuamah

Minna Richt

Katharina Wieszner

Dagna Lester

Louise Cuttle

Geraldo Vigano

Kerry Scott

Alex Bostock

Andre Duarte

Andrea Farina

Cordelia Long

Emma Towers

Hamish Prestige

Polly Hodges

Remi Leroy

Sam Stone

Ulrich Amoussou

Bernadette Zipfel